Meditative concert/indian vocal music

Concert door Alicia Corral

Wanneer 8 juni 2019
Deelname € 8,00 / free entrance for the workshop participants
Locatie Vierlinden 1, 9940 Evergem

We are pleased to announce a gathering for indian vocal music.

The concert is focused on sound, indian mantras, dhrupad vocal music and vedic chanting.

People are invited to listen to the concert, lay down and/or be in a meditative posture.

We will observe the effects of the sanskrit letters on the body. The ancient science of vedic chants is directed to affect the mind and the emotions of the person is singing and listening.

Vedic chants are mantras from Vedas (sacred book of Hinduism), a compendium of mantras in Sanskrit from about 1500 B.C. It’s correct pronunciation is essential, because in the Vedas it is said that the Vedic mantras have to be sung in a specific and concrete way so they can have a beneficial effect on us. In 2003 UNESCO recognized the Vedic chanting as a 'masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity'.

Dhrupad is one of the oldest forms of Hindustani vocal music that can be heard today. Dagar singer said that dhrupad is essentially a form of private contemplation, best performed alone or for an intimate circle of people.

At the end people will be invited to join the sound, singing all together if they want to.

Over Alicia Corral

Dr. Alicia Corral is a performer and researcher in the field of voice. She is a Vedic chant teacher certified by the S.K.Y. school of Chennai (India). She is trained in Indian vocal music in Dhrupad Sansthan of Bhopal (India) and in mantras and Vedic chants at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram of Chennai (India) and as a Hatha yoga teacher at the Syasa University of Bangalore (India). She is also an Associate Teacherof Fitzmaurice Voicework trained in London (England). She finished her PhD at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid and nowadays works performing and teaching as a specialist in voice and Vedic chanting in different countries. She recorded her first album with her band Namaskar (

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