Extreme Borders

Film/docu door Max Kramer & Juergen Schaflechner

Wanneer 11 mei 2019
Deelname € 12,00 / Students 8,00
Locatie Vierlinden 1, 9940 Evergem

Studio Vierlinden is delighted to welcome two experts on India/Kashmir/Pakistan. They are transforming their knowledge into the art of documentaryin the field and are constructing a bridge to academia.

Their new project “Dastavezi” is an open platform for this approach:

Dastavezi: The Audio-Visual South Asia is an international peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal, which seeks to reposition film as a central mode of knowing and thinking about South Asia. It is the first peer-reviewed journal connecting scholarly research from and about South Asia with filmic practices.


Both researchers will screen a selection of their work, followed by plenty of time for questions and debate, with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Over Max Kramer & Juergen Schaflechner

Dr. Juergen Schaflechner (SAI Heidelberg)

History and culture of Pakistan with a special focus on Sindh, ritual, ritual journeys and performativity, postcolonial theories; political theories of populism, Urdu/Hindi/Sindhi literature, documentary film and film studies. www.juergen-schaflechner.com

Dr. Max Kramer
Ethnologie LMU Munich

Documentary film in South East Asia, Political Islam, Online Politics, Hindi Film, Hindi Literature, Culture Theory. https://sufisentangled.wordpress.com

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