Discover your Self through your Voice

Workshop door Verena Welser

Wanneer 15 maart 2020
Deelname € 75,00 (vegetarian and organic lunch and tea/coffee included)
Locatie Vierlinden 1, 9940 Evergem

Uitgesteld vanwege de Corona-maatregelen

The voice as a guide to your Self

In this workshop you will discover new parts and unknown aspects of your Self, like strength, tenderness, sensuality, creativity, playfulness, anger, rage, fear, and many more.

Verena will use exercises of both Concentrative Movement Therapy and Fitzmaurice Voicework® to help you discover deeper layers of your Self. Your voice will be your guide!

She will lead you through emotions that come up in daily life and routine and connect this to movement, stretches and sound. You will have space to get acquainted with the effect on voice and body. Verena will offer guidelines to connect this to deeper lying emotional layers. Then she will assist you to bring your voice into play and help express what comes up.

We will close the day with sound, rhythm and movement in group.

Over Verena Welser

Verena Welser is a trained Singer, Fitzmaurice Voicework® Associate Teacher, Montessori Educator and Psychotherapist (in training).

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